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‘Singular’ is an epic adventure television series that explores the impact technology will have on the future of our planet and how it will shape the evolution of our human race. Strictly speaking, it is an adventure drama with sci-fi/fantasy elements that takes place from 2021 - 2045 A.D. The first season is set on the fictitious Caribbean island of San Pedro, a nation fast becoming a regional powerhouse as an unprecedented technological revolution sweeps over the world.

‘Singular’ is intended to break new ground as far as adventure drama and even sci-fi/fantasy goes, much like “The Wire” broke new ground with the cop show genre. It will largely achieve this because of its universal themes dealing with the human condition, seen through an existentialist spectrum dealing with individual identity on the one end- “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”- and human kind as an interconnected race of beings on the other end, “Hey, we're all in this together”. It will use a diverse cast of characters from various socioeconomic backgrounds and geographical locations to create a multi-layered tapestry in which to explore these themes.

Mystery, intrigue and action will create the adventure, while the characters and their interactions with one another will create the drama. There will not be an over reliance on sci-fi or fantasy elements, which will serve only as accents that propel the theme of ‘Singular’ forward. Each story arc ultimately gravitates toward one common feature, The Singularity, a theoretical event set to take place in 2045 A.D., where humans achieve a 'superintelligence'- an understanding of all things- by merging with an as yet undiscovered type of technology. Throughout the course of the show, we will explore various mechanisms that will aid in the creation of this advancement- artificial intelligence, robotics and genetics to name a few- as well as the concept of decentralization, the process of redistributing or dispersing people and power away from a centralized location, authority or manner, to create a new international economic and technological paradigm.

Each season of ‘Singular’ will take place in a different part of the world in a different time. Each season will also exist as a stand-alone journey that takes us closer to the The Singularity. Some characters may progress to the following season due to continuity but most characters will have their stories resolved in a single season. Each season will tackle a portion of the overall theme, and story arcs contained in single seasons will contribute to the overall whole of the series- the examination of our identity as individuals and as part of a collective- as we approach The Singularity.

The style of the show can be called 'deliberate fantastical realism', meaning the story will progress as it would in the real-world until suddenly extraordinary or fantastical events occur, such as a drone attack downtown or a multi-dimensional being showing up in a very matter-of-fact manner. It will require a deliberate orchestration of five filmmaking elements- lighting composition, camera movement, performance, sound design and music composition. These five elements will be devised in such a manner to reinforce one another for the purpose of maximizing the effects of the theme, which also intends to have the added bonus of making the experience for the audience more impactful. ‘Singular’ will be shot with a digital camera of quality no less than Sony's CineAlta PMW-F55 with Panavision Primo, Zeiss Master Prime and Angenieux Optimo lenses. Under no circumstances shall any hand-held movements be employed. Any and all camera movement, when not completely locked down, will be graceful, subtle or- if fast and ferocious- very deliberate. The camera will react to the events and actions as if it is alive, utilizing a complete 360-degree sphere of observation/participation with its object of focus. Drone photography will also be utilized.

More than just an exercise of stylized, dynamic television, ‘Singular’ exists for a greater purpose. We aim to answer the age-old questions that have inspired and haunted the human race forever, “What happens when we die?”, “How was the Universe created?”, “Is there a God?”, “Are we alone?” We will tackle these questions from a premise that there is no such thing as 'the unknown'. Anything and everything is explainable through- not just science- but a deeper understanding. ‘Singular’ will ask these hard, seemingly unanswerable questions, and over the course of the show unfold their answers. Most pertinent to ‘Singular’s’ purpose will be answering the most important question of all, “Where do we go from here?” Antiquated behaviors and power structures from the mindset of the 19th century human are depleting our planet's natural resources at unsustainable levels and manipulating its international markets toward chaos and demise. But in the midst of this organized ignorance a new paradigm is forming. New technologies and new ways of thinking are giving birth to new “-isms” that will propel us into The Singularity, where Homo sapien will be transformed into the next level of human evolution- Homo transcendus.

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San Pedro is an island situated in the Caribbean at the tip of the Sargasso Sea, bordering the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Its people are passionate and vigilant and often described by tourists as 'aggressive'. Due to its strategic location and wealth of natural resources it has had a tumultuous history, changing hands numerous times between the Spanish and French before achieving independence from the British in 1981. Even before the Europeans ‘discovered’ America, the Taino, Arawak and Carib natives warred over its possession. They considered San Pedro the most sacred of the islands, calling it Mamogua, meaning 'Mother of God'.

San Pedro is one of the larger Caribbean islands, similar in area to the Dominican Republic. While Spanish is the island's official language, many of its 11 million inhabitants speak various levels of English and French. In the hard-to-get-to mountain regions- which cover almost 60% of the island, includes 7 volcanoes and dense jungle- a local patois of mostly Spanish and Taino is spoken.

A constitutional democracy ruled by a president and legislature, San Pedro benefited from an influx of investment in the 20th century at the hands of the British, who created a stable and progressive infrastructure and high levels of education. While many of its citizens migrate to the United States or Europe, opportunity does exist in San Pedro. Aside from a flourishing agricultural base on it's coastal plains, 'lax' financial controls and attractive tax incentives- along with a strong offshore banking network- have attracted a number of industries primarily in the manufacturing sector. A recently instituted 'economic free zone' in its capital city of Arrecife, along with various charismatic entrepreneurs- most notably billionaire Martin Bastion- have attracted tech companies and start-ups from around the world, helping propel the nation into a unique state of technological advancement. It's skyline of high-rise office buildings and condominiums is reminiscent of Panama.

At its core, San Pedro is really a microcosm of the entire world. Beneath its layer of beautiful beaches and tourist resorts exist a deep-seeded corruption fueled by a centralized banking network and a police-state/military industrial complex created by their colonial conquerors and added to by successive 'regimes' that have acted more like nepotistic dictators than elected officials. The middle-class is dwindling into the ever-expanding sea of impoverished while the rich accrue even more wealth and power. As world leaders continue to exercise a “band-aid” approach on a perpetual string of economic collapses, new “-isms” are brewing on this powder keg of an island that will unwittingly become ground zero for a revolution that will alter the course of planet Earth forever.

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A debt crisis ignites the fall of the world economy. Martin Bastion profits from the collapse and becomes the richest person in the world, paving the way for the events listed below to occur. History will later remember him as the ‘Grandfather of the Singularity’.



Martin Bastion launches the Singularity Initiative, a set of objectives he believes will lead to a technological Singularity.

The Caribbean island nation of San Pedro- an emerging regional powerhouse- opens its economic-free zone, attracting technologists from around the world.



Nine years later, San Pedro becomes the epicenter for a world-wide economic and technological boom. “Decentralized” technologies ignite a paradigm shift, resulting in the transformation of numerous centralized governments and banking controls.



Artificial Intelligence becomes “self-aware”, giving birth to numerous entities.



CENT-CON I, an artificial intelligence system, takes control of all computerized and electrical systems on the planet. What history will call “World War AI” begins. It is not Humans vs AI, it is AI vs AI. Collateral damage kills the majority of the world’s population.



World War AI ends, with decentralized AI and humans evolving together. Exponential advancements in technology pave the way for The Singularity.


THE SINGULARITY (aka “Year 1”)

The first human being reaches The Singularity.


“Homo transcendus”, the next stage of human evolution, is born and first contact, en mass, with alien civilizations occur as we are welcomed into the Multiverse.