Film Division

Status: In production
"Ethereum: The World Computer”

SingularDTV's Documentary Film Division is dedicated to the creation of feature length documentary films and short form documentary series about blockchain technology, decentralization and the Ethereum world computer. Rather than producing content that is technical in nature, or content that “preaches to the choir” so to speak, SingularDTV produces documentaries for the uninitiated- for those vast number of progressive and vigilant minds around the world unaware of the liberties, benefits and opportunities that blockchain technology and decentralization provide. SingularDTV aims to educate and inspire all generations- our future generations- about the revolution of decentralization and the Ethereum world computer.


“ETHEREUM: The World Computer”, SingularDTV's debut feature documentary, takes the audience on a journey of exploration that culminates in a new understanding of what blockchain technology is. Rather than focusing solely on the “how” of the technology, it focuses on the “why”, exhibiting several relatable use cases from around the world on why blockchain technology and Ethereum are transforming the world for the better.