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SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. By building the future of rights management, project funding, and peer-to-peer distribution, SingularDTV’s platform empowers artists and creators with powerful tools to manage projects from development to distribution.

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The SingularDTV Ecosystem

A rights, revenues, and royalty management platform. Tokit empowers artists and their partners to maintain financial and creative control of their projects by harnessing the transparency and automation of the blockchain. In addition, Tokit can be used as a crowdfunding tool, enabling creatives, producers, and partners to build direct, sustainable relationships with their audiences.
Decentralized distribution portal
A multi-media digital distribution portal where creators can distribute their content for fair and transparent monetization and engagement. Audiences can discover Tokit-generated, and SingularDTV-produced and acquired films, television, music, podcasts, and more while enjoying a direct peer-to-peer relationship with the artists they love.

Coming soon!

In addition to building the blockchain-enabled foundation for a new entertainment economy, SingularDTV produces original content. TRUST MACHINE will be the first documentary film, to be followed by the feature narrative THE HAPPY WORKER, directed by Duwayne Dunham and executive-produced by David Lynch (MULHOLLAND DRIVE, TWIN PEAKS).
Award-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Winter (DOWNLOADED, DEEP WEB) dives into the history of cryptocurrency, as well as the state of blockchain technology around the world, from micro-power grids to biometric payment methods. The film is narrated by Rosario Dawson, featuring Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, artist Imogen Heap, hacktivist Lauri Love, and journalist Laura Shin amongst many other industry luminaries.
10.26.2018 - Cinema Village, New York - Tickets here
11.16.2018 - Laemmle Monica, Los Angeles - Tickets here